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We strive for success stories

Get Digital Consult is a digital agency and consulting bureau. We solve digital challenges for small and medium sized companies. As a full service company offers Get Digital Consult creative, technical and marketing services all under one roof.

Our team consists of freelance experts. We create solid solutions for our clients where we thrive to create success stories. We believe that our clients their success is a part of our success.

If we don’t have someone who is specialized in a customer’s field expertise, we look for the most suitable person on the market. The problem with many service suppliers is the following: most of the times, when you order a service (ie. a new website or e-commerce site for your business), a junior employee works on your case. We find this frustrating. You pay the same amount in those companies for a senior, but you get a junior. This is where we differ. You always get an expert of your field working on your case and one contactperson who will communicate with you about your case.

Every case has several phases:

  • First, we get to know you and your business. In here we also discuss what you are looking for and we’ll can say what we have to offer.
  • After an internal investigation, we bring you an offer with our ideas for your case, where we can discuss and come to an agreement how we can realise your project.
  • Then we send you an official offer where you can decide whether you want to make an assignment.
  • After an advance payment the project is started. The several steps of the development stage will be followed.
  • When the project is finished we keep monitoring every aspect of your case.

The goal of everything is to create a success story so your business can grow. If this seems interesting for you please fill in the contact form and we’ll try to reach you as soon as possible.

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